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Ahsaas Zindgi Ka


Disaster Relief

Serving mankind is the sole responsibility of a person especially when it comes to vulnerable people. In the past few years, we have seen the constant rise of natural calamities in the country. Although, the abroad countries too have undergone with these disastrous harms in the form of earthquake, tsunami, flood etc.

Let’s discuss for these calamities in our own country Pakistan. When it comes to our country then we will find the number of people which are pathetically affected by these disasters. The Punjab involved in for floods, earthquake. For providing relief to the people came under this trap have been provided relief social welfare organizations has come forward. These NGO for disaster relief in Pakistan have appeared in the form of new hope for the people here.


Pandemic diseases Covid-19 is spreading in the country very fast as well whole world. At this time Social welfare comes forward with the government to help the people and Social Welfare Society Kot Hussain made help of needy people by providing them food items and guidelines to avoid the diseases. SWSKH provide the necessities of life to the needy people with your help.


The last time flood in April 2015 had come and Social Welfare Society comes forwarders to help the victims, old and young, women with children had helped their financially and grocery and setup a imminently school workshop to educate their children and set up campuses for live there.